Hey guys! I am going to start up a series on Archive of Our Own with the title being something along the lines of  “Flesh and Compressed Carbon.”

What I need to know for all of you, fans or new comers to my writing, is what fic to post first in the series!

Here are your options right now:

Equius and Nepeta - Going from the list of unusual date ideas, this story will involve all of them with these two. Fluff.

Gamzee and Karkat - Pretty drama centered fic. Will contain smut.

Meenah and Aranea - Being honest, not planned at all so some help with this would be cool.

Dirk and Caliborn - This one will be fairly sweet and will feature some little kids. Though suicide triggers got to be put in place. Will contain smut.

More to be considered later.


So, what one sounds the most interesting to you guys?

  1. moriarty-i-s-back answered: I like the Equius and Nepeta one :)
  2. xerai answered: Gamzee and Karkat
  3. tipsyterezi answered: Gamkat
  4. senpaigamzee answered: Gamkar
  5. nagito-komaedah answered: dirkuu owo
  6. thespookykeyblade answered: Gamkar pls
  7. theleijonwhisperer answered: Gamzee and Karkat
  8. merwytch answered: Gamkar, there isn’t enough of this ^-^
  9. beastygimmick answered: gamkar :3
  10. carcinosinner answered: Gamzee and Karkat
  11. dirk-prince-of-heart answered: dirkuu jdfishgtrjf <3
  12. vantasblood answered: gamkar ofmg
  13. aroanri answered: gamkar c:
  14. 6angarang answered: gamkar because gamkar
  15. yuukizetsumei answered: Gamzee and Karkat! <3
  16. kiotsukatanna answered: Gamzee and Karkat :D
  17. bouncywild answered: Dirkuu yes.
  18. nikniknikin answered: AAAAH THE MEOWRAILS THING SOUNDS GREAT
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